v1.3 | 16-12-2021

Refactoring the data (part 2)

This update refactors the latest data from the orb and spells page. Everything is now in the tables except for the Guides page. This page will be reclassified at a later date. All data on the website is now ready for use.

v1.2 | 13-12-2021

Refactoring the data

After gathering all the information there wasn't much time left to put it to gether nicely. As het result it was all slapped together on the pages. In a effert restructure the information to make it more readable en usefull in the future I've spend a lot of time refactoring te code en to tables. I've also cleaned up most of the code form alle the legacy code that was copied over. Almost every page is now done except the Orb page and the Spells page, which will be done in the upcoming sprint.

v1.1 | 1-12-2021

Information gathered

Spend most of the last couple of day's gathering information about WBC2. A lot of thanks to web.archive.org, without them most of this information would be lost. Everything is now in the guides page but I will eventually restructure the site. Updated the fonts aswell for readability. Headers are now Montesserat and paragraphs are Outfit.

v1.0 | 30-11-2021

Website is released!

First version of the site is published on a webserver. It is basically a collection of screenshots en copied text from diffrent resources. The main goal was to get everything in one place so I dont have to boot my computer or search the internet for information. At this moment the site contains the information form the Appendix, Spells documentation, Guides from GameFAQ/Neoseeker, The comprehensive case study of the Orb of Etheria, units, and the quick reference card.